Friday, March 28, 2008


springtime is here!

been trying to ride a bunch,
always easy to want more at
this time of year. solid 8.5 hour
session in Michaux last wknd,
totally diggin' the proto ring.
seems beefy enough to handle
those goofy fixed torquey log
moves and incidental rock grinds.

1/8" hand filed love, 40t x 110 for the skinny tires.took these pics a little while ago,
after this wknd, should have about
500miles on it, happy with the way
it's holding up, intentionally using
a chain whose age is sorta unknown,
I know I put over 3000miles on
it last year, Duffy had it for a couple
years and Harlan before that, safe to
say that it's streeeeeeeeeeeeetched.
Meshing nicely though, it is time for
a new chain, but need a fresh thread on
cog also. figure to log a cool grand to see
how it holds up, then we'll see.

The Mt Exter ring has somewhere
around 25-30hours on it so far,
don't know how that translates
exactly, but it's still looking good,
been running a chain that started
with 500ish on it, trying for a 'worst
case' type testing scenario.

happy so far, not a hiccup yet, beyond
those loose bolts a little while back......

hope everybody is out 'gittin sum!'

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Snuck down to Frederick for a little SS Punk action. Awesome to meet another bunch of fixed freakers and great to see a bunch of TomiCOGs about, thanks for all of the kind words/support. Had a blast rippin' around on the Jabber, that bike has way exceeded expectations. Little slide show of the day put together by Darius: