Friday, January 9, 2009

2 steps fwd, 1 step back


It's been since Nov since I've updated????  Time flies I guess.

Been in 84% ski mode since the wknd after Unis, chasing the powpow around the Mid-A.  Whitegrass was awesome back around Turkey day, then the thaw that we're all accustomed to happened.  So, it was north bound for some Denton schralpage before settling into the local Roundtop rythmn.  did manage to spin some pedals over the Holidaze, nice to be back on the Jabberfixy, keepin' it fresh.

Have some updates in the works, hence this post title.  Thanks to some help from my dad, the beveling of chainrings is becoming more refined.  Getting away from hand filing each and every tooth.  Results are sweet so far, but another small hurdle has dropped in place.  The new process mars the surface a bit, so now I'm learning all about polishing stainless.  What's this mean?  Well, it means that chainrings will now be shiny and bright.....if I can get the process dialed.  New buffing wheels and different compounds are on the way as I write.  Bling Bling!  Hipsters take notice.

I'm also expanding the offerings for rings, looks like the range will be from 32t up to 48t in various bolt hole patterns.  The plan is to finalize the new process, then I'll update this page over on the side with more buttons for the various offerings.  Pricing will remain the same @ $40 for a standard ring.  Custom options will still be avail; odd tooth counts, special me for info on that stuff.  Might also offer a polished options for the cogs, gonna think about that one.

rubber side down, keep 'em spinnin'.