Thursday, June 19, 2008

been a while.

Latest news? Been busy with the racing action and all that that involves. Snuck onto the very outside podium spot at the spring 50 in Michaux, 5th in the singlespeeds. Best finish I've ever had racing on the fix. Then had hopes for the Mohican 100, but the humidity got the best of me in Ohio, didn't break 9hours, didn't even break 10, a long slummy day. Then hit up the Stoopid 50 up in State College last wknd. Had a good day other than a flat tire at about the 4 hour mark. Finished it up as 7th place singlespeed, 23rd overall. Pretty happy with that considering the depth of the field. Now parking the Jabberfixy to get in some coasting action over the next couple weeks. Bit of a stage race on tap, plus a ride project here in the backyard, gonna find out what 100 miles in Michaux is all about.

In product news, still piling the miles on the proto ring. Getting reallllly close to the 1000 miles I'd like to officially log before 'bringing to market.' Swapped the crankset over to the Dos Niner so it won't be sitting idle while the Jabber does. Plan there is to offer a handful of 'stock' sizes, then also possibly offer a custom option, you name the tooth count and desired bolt circle and we'll see what can be done.

Also, as of yesterday, June 18th, I'm out of 18 tooth cogs. Still have plenty of stock in all the other sizes, and I'll still take orders for the 18, just might be an extra week or two until I can send 'em to ya. I will be cutting more once the dust settles from vacation/stage racing travels. Expecting to be stocked back up after July 4, and should have the whole chainring thing figured out by then also.

hope you're out there enjoying the ride.