Friday, October 14, 2011

big happenings..

dang, it's been sooo long,
time sure flies when you
move into a house.

Apologies to all if I've been
slow on feeding your
cogaliscious needs.

Never bought a house before,
quite the undertaking. But
workshop is moved, fixed tooth
inventory will be refreshed
shortly and we'll be back into
the rhythm pdq.

New place is pretty damn sweet,
I sure dig classic old
these floors.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


The end of ski season was good times. Got kinda warm locally in Feb, thought it would be an early spring, then March was the Lion it can be, with goofy bouncy roller coaster weather all up thru to the now. 39 & raining yesterday afternoon. Last WG session I made it to was fun fun fun for sure...

winter reprise from WVski on Vimeo.

Been a wknd warrior on the pedals recently, enjoying this retirement/sabbatical from number plated glories. Good times fixed and coasty style depending on the mood. And of course, have been sneaking out to the trout streams. Fishin' is still just a bit slow, but one more shot of warmth and the bugs should really start to turn on, which'll get those trouts looking up. April should be a good month!

see ya on the trail or the stream, or maybe 'round town, Carlisle is finally getting bike lanes, whoot!

Monday, January 31, 2011

yep, still here...

it's winter, been up the
usual winter stuff. working
in the basement as needed,
playing in the snowy hills
as much as possible. Yours
truely wearing the head cam
at ~3:00, WhiteGrass sure is
a lot of fun.

January Sunshine and Snow from WVski on Vimeo.

December was
good times also...

White Grass local powder hounds and rippers from WVski on Vimeo.