Saturday, September 25, 2010

catching up..

Hey all, yep, still here.
Still making up cogs and
rings as ya'll need 'em.
Spent the summer not
riding like I have before.
A gunked up cranky knee
had me worried, mix in
a bit of pedaling burn out,
and it was a pretty chill
season regarding the two
wheeled mistress. Did
get out to some events,
helping behind the scenes,
always a nice change of pace...

So, I finallt got the MRI done,
and guess I really should've
listened/believed in Dr. Evil,
and saved myself that hit
from the in$urance
deductable. But, damn,
never had tendonitis quite
this bad before. I needed
to see what was going on
inside. No doubts, ya know?

Back to spinnin' a bit on
the road and stretching and
doin my interpretation
of the yoga flow and
rubbing in the arnica.
And, shit, that damn
knee of mine is actually
feeling better, go figure.

Not willing though, not yet
willing to trade my Saturdays
on the stream for pedaling
long distances. Harassing
those trout is great balance
to the elevated heartrate,
sometimes dizzy tunnel of
the Sunday ride....

Autumn is here, colors
are changing in the trees,
in the water. Got up to
explore the Little J a couple
times now. Got turned
onto it after reading about
the recent electro survey.

Survey says that it's pretty
much a wild brown fishery.
Not stocked, not too many
hold over fingerlings, mostly
wild streambred browns, cool.

Great day up there last wknd,
best day of fishin' I've had
in a while. Hungry & feisty
wild fish, best one went 15ish
on the guesstimated ruler,
average was a solid 12.
Freely rising to a dry presented
in that just oh so right way,
good times....

And the local brookies!
BLING! The males are starting
to strut their stuff trying
to impress the ladies and
are soon to get it on, producing
the next generation, sweet.

Meeshow is an amazing place,
world class riding, world class
natives, and it's all right out
the door. Damn, I sure am
lucky to have such an incredible
backyard playground.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

wow, is it May already?!

man, time is flying.
I've been slacking
on this here cog
bloggityness, sorry.

Still around, still shakin',
still sending out the cogs
& rings as ya'll request 'em,
but not riding much. Just
spinnin' around town for
now, I've got a tired knee
after an epique ski season.
A knee that needs some
'time in the shop' I'm
figuring, professional
opinion forthcoming.

Soooo, was figuring to kick
back the bike intense focus
anyways this year, and
reacquaint with neglected
pastimes. If the pics haven't
clued you in, yeah, I've been
fishin' a good bit. Trout
streams, have you looked
at a map? There are so, so,
so many out there to explore!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goings on...

It's a New Year! Whoo, hooo, hope your celebrations treated you well. Judging by the small uptick in orders, I'm guessing the little blurb about the cogs in Mtn Bike has been making the rounds, good stuff.

Finished off the riding season w/ a whole lot of fun on the JabberFixy, rippin' fun group things, then it got cold and snowed. And it's kept on snowing! So, I've been skiing a good bit, exploring new places, seeing new sights, good times in the cold air and high hills of WV. So, I'll pre-apologize for any order delays, trying to keep within a week turnaround to get the cogs out, winter travels could screw with that don't be shy and give a holler if you're in desperate need.

Well, that's pretty much the goings on, figure/hope to play in snow until March-ish, maybe turn some pedals here and there if the weather suits the mood, we'll see. Until then, have fun out there, rubber side down and thanks to everybody for supporting this endeavor in '09. Here's to 0-10 baby!