Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goings on...

It's a New Year! Whoo, hooo, hope your celebrations treated you well. Judging by the small uptick in orders, I'm guessing the little blurb about the cogs in Mtn Bike has been making the rounds, good stuff.

Finished off the riding season w/ a whole lot of fun on the JabberFixy, rippin' fun group things, then it got cold and snowed. And it's kept on snowing! So, I've been skiing a good bit, exploring new places, seeing new sights, good times in the cold air and high hills of WV. So, I'll pre-apologize for any order delays, trying to keep within a week turnaround to get the cogs out, winter travels could screw with that don't be shy and give a holler if you're in desperate need.

Well, that's pretty much the goings on, figure/hope to play in snow until March-ish, maybe turn some pedals here and there if the weather suits the mood, we'll see. Until then, have fun out there, rubber side down and thanks to everybody for supporting this endeavor in '09. Here's to 0-10 baby!