Friday, August 15, 2008

pics & inventory

got some more time on the laser:

fully stocked again with all cog sizes.

rings on hand:
(2) 34t x 104
(5) 34t x 102 (XTR)
(3) 32t x 104
(8) 32t x 102 (XTR)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


so, uhmmm,'s been awhile, again.

ok, rings are gonna happen soon, here's the deal.

Until I get geared up with better tooling, I'll be offering the rings in limited batches because of the time involved with beveling, I'm still busy chasing checkered flags and time down in the workshop is kinda rare right now. "Stock" sizes will be 32T and 34T in both four bolt 102bhc (960 XTR) and the standard 104bhc.

For now, I think it'll be easiest if I post up sizes and qty on hand. You email me your interest or leave a comment, I'll shoot off a Paypal invoice to you, then send out the ring once everything is squared away. Cost is gonna be $40 + shipping.

I'll also be offering the option of custom rings, send me your desired tooth count and mounting pattern and we'll see if it's doable. Custom sized rings are gonna be $50, not sure about lead time on these, depends on what I have avail for mat'l, but I'll shoot for a 2 week turnaround on the the customs.

Planning to cut the first batch over the wknd, will post up early next week what I have.