Saturday, May 15, 2010

wow, is it May already?!

man, time is flying.
I've been slacking
on this here cog
bloggityness, sorry.

Still around, still shakin',
still sending out the cogs
& rings as ya'll request 'em,
but not riding much. Just
spinnin' around town for
now, I've got a tired knee
after an epique ski season.
A knee that needs some
'time in the shop' I'm
figuring, professional
opinion forthcoming.

Soooo, was figuring to kick
back the bike intense focus
anyways this year, and
reacquaint with neglected
pastimes. If the pics haven't
clued you in, yeah, I've been
fishin' a good bit. Trout
streams, have you looked
at a map? There are so, so,
so many out there to explore!