Monday, January 14, 2013

the latest latest.

man, how 'boout them Holidaze? good times 'eh? treated me well, lot's of to and fro, and thanks for the continued interest in the cogs and rings, ya'll kept me hoppin'. Saw some new sights, reacquainted some old with the new-ish. Very generous consolidated gifting enabled me to pick up a DSLR, lots to learn, gonna be fun for sure. Looks like I'll be at Westminster, figuring to have a selection of cogs and some rings, hope to have some of the roadie/cross sizes along. Anyway, enough with the marketing... Finally visited Valley Forge, finally.
It snowed in WV, finally.
Spent New Years in town, walking to and from is awesome.
Went back to Wv for a bluebird Saturday.
Found some quiet on greybird Sunday.
The Falls of Blackwater, I need to fish that.