Saturday, April 9, 2011


The end of ski season was good times. Got kinda warm locally in Feb, thought it would be an early spring, then March was the Lion it can be, with goofy bouncy roller coaster weather all up thru to the now. 39 & raining yesterday afternoon. Last WG session I made it to was fun fun fun for sure...

winter reprise from WVski on Vimeo.

Been a wknd warrior on the pedals recently, enjoying this retirement/sabbatical from number plated glories. Good times fixed and coasty style depending on the mood. And of course, have been sneaking out to the trout streams. Fishin' is still just a bit slow, but one more shot of warmth and the bugs should really start to turn on, which'll get those trouts looking up. April should be a good month!

see ya on the trail or the stream, or maybe 'round town, Carlisle is finally getting bike lanes, whoot!

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