Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hey kids!

just a quick p.s.a.

after you've installed and ridden
your new fixed gear bliss for an
hour or so, make sure to check
all the bolts both at the cog and
the chainring. hate to see ya
strand yourself an hour out from
the car on a 20 couple degree
January night.

glad I heard that odd clunk
and had that tool......


Cellarrat said...

180 miles on the 20 tooth...

Way awesome!

Thanks Again!

monkeejuice said...

It snowed down in Atlanta today. Took my Bianchi Roger out for couple of bombs down the sledding aftermath (wishing I had a fixie). Apparently found the Tomicog just in time. Transferring Paypal funds now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, did a 3 hour ride on my virgin dirt fixie ride at Patapsco. Kept up just fine! No problems with the cog.

privateer said...

I know it's considered unbikerly in some circles, but would there be any problem using a dab of blue loctite?

Tomi said...

on the mounting bolts? yeah, I would/do.