Friday, May 2, 2008

on to the next step.

Did a tear down of the Jabber, was bit shwooped after the Cohutta abuse and the 2hr 70mph 81N power spray on the commute home. Slapped on a fresh chain, ring looked really good, first 500ish miles on it, and it's still in damn fine shape.
So, I made up some drawrrings, and freshy programs, stayed late tonight, and now I'm looking at needing to find some time to sit down with the file again.....somwhere in between pressing in new rear hub bearings, which is part of another race tune on the Jabber, then prepping and getting ready for go time on Sunday. Could be an interesting race.

Teaser Pic:


weasel said...

any idea of price? Im really liking the look so far btw

Tomi said...

figuring more than the cogs, but not much more if I stick with the same type of finish.

mattbucceri said...

I was thinking it would be possible to use the tomicog to convert bikes to left-hand drive. Is this true?

gunn4r said...

Hey Mr. Cog,

If'n I run that there TomiCOG, and like you say, flip the wheel aroundie-round, take off de rotormatic and slaps on the COG w/ the 4 bolts I gots laying around.

Should I turn my tyre around or inside out or something?
I get confused reeeal easy.

Thanx for any and all info.

I heard that it's fun to coast, you wouldn't know anything about that would you?

gwadzilla said...


very pretty
very very pretty

can you send me an email?

I want to ask you a question


hope you are well