Friday, June 5, 2009


man, wow, been awhile, I need to keep on top of this bloggy thingy, lots of goings on....for content, here's a cut n pastes from the other blog, spring Michaux race:

other thoughts on the weekend.
sounds like everybody who dared
themselves to get out in it, found
something, learned something
from the event.

the course, if you ponied for the 40,
and got around that bastard, fkna.
props. props for even toeing the line,
gnarly out there, eh? guessing that
most all that were out there, got a
fresh taste of Meeshow that they
weren't quite expecting. The rain
definitely didn't help, but I'm still
optimistic about what we'll find next
time we get out there. I've seen Abby
in rough shape, and heal pretty well
afterwards. Not the same, ya know,
but has definitely evolved after the
Enduro ran across it. Enjoy those
stashes of Hanzel&Grettal while you
can...I'm guessing Pedro & I got the
final virginal trek from 20 to 30
while out was sweet.

My ride...yeah, disappointing if focused
on the results sheet. meh, though sorta
bothered that the legs were just, absent.
Theory upon leaving the homestead was
that either a: Good legs are good legs,
no matter what you ride, or B: Legs don't
show, and it turns into a special Sunday ride.
Make sure to bring something home from
the experience. Choice of steed from the
stable was not the wisest for racing, but
made the most sense w/ A & B in mind.
Or, ie that's my excuse for being a dumbass.
Previous mentioned lack of surfiness and
brutal overgeared conditions made for high
output slow going. Never really got on top
of the gear, which makes for a long day,
did try to open it up on Michaux Rd and felt
like I moved fwd in a positive fashion, then
a nice break at Aide two, catching up w/ MikeE,
then a solid push across the clearcut kinda
had me looking further forward. Then reality
and a need for a break from the not-zen like
focus before dropping onto Moss. End of Moss,
brake pads went squirrely. Oooops, guess they
are kinda worn, huh? Contemplate rolling back
to car right then and there when visions of a
failed brake Canyon enter the fore.. But
said fuck that, I'm getting around this
loop, one more time. Bend the spreader
springy dingy out of the way, or at least
not clicky clack into the rotor.

Then slummed, a lot. Cold, queasy
stomach, 24hrBigBear reminiscing,
yay! Out of the muddy leaves, pick
up a PayDay on LowerCanyon that I
probably dropped yesterday, cheers
Jake!. Solid food=yum, sorta. More
semi-conscious social time at Aide 3
w/ Jake& Travis, then Bender snapping
pics. Then found a cozy corner of
the pain cave to excavate and found
that 'just fucking get me home'
mindset, proceeded to block it all
out, put one foot in front of the
other w/ the mantra = "No fucking
way will Breck be this hard. move it."

Lars was a welcome face in the Mudbank
mist. The surprise ending was no surprise
for me, although the total bonkage just
before the right off of Logsled wasn't too
inspiring. Fun challenge though on the fix,
trying to sneak thru clean as can be on
Shake&Bake, being lazy with line choice
and trying to just make it work.

Breck won't be, can't be, nearly that miserable.
I hope.

(pics yanked from Bender!
clicky make biggy)

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