Monday, December 31, 2007

the plan....

ok, here's where I'm at.

plan to cut blanks this week, 25pcs of each size,
that should cover the early interest I've seen.

so, should have a decent batch of cogs ready
to send out in another week or so.

If I don't hit any more roadblocks, and if my
HTML skillz don't fail me, I'll be adding a
PayPAL shopping cart to the site.

Expect to have this done and be able to take
orders on Wednesday, shipping out cogs
beginning next week.......

still need to figure the details of
sending across borders.

edit to add:
just looked, appears that sending International
has a flat postage rate for First Class, so should
be easy enough to add that as an option to the
shopping cart thingy......

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