Thursday, December 27, 2007

qwik update

wow, surprised by the interest and chatter out there! gettin' me all excited. or at least gettin' me off my lazy ass.

process is being dialed. figuring out grits and compounds, reworking my arbor/fixture, working on consistancy.

couple more sessions in the basement workshop, then should be able to take some orders.

address a few questions out there:

chain: reason I say not to use a 9-speed chain is that I think they suck. Oh, and the cogs are a bit thick (.090") for the narrower 9speed, might hang up a bit, like on some of the early Surly rings. Will work fine with 8speed or 1/8" chains.

cost? right now, $25-30 ea, leaning towards $25.

shipping? seems to work to mail them in a heavy photo envelope. can fit four per envelope, $4.95 to send 1 envelope. applies to domestic US.

Shipping to you funny talkin' international types will be determined by additional postage rates, if any????, which I'm currently clueless about.

more later, peace.


fatbob29r said...

The buzz is growing, not only on MTBR, but on other blog spots. has a link here, plus your NC guy is promoting hard core on his blog and on MTBR. Looks like you have enough of a buzz for a pre-order? You may be able to avoid the whole shopping cart thing and just use a paypal account to take orders, not sure how it works for your back end but seems simple enough. Ask ricky from the bikecentric blog, he's a computer nerd when he's not riding.

Anonymous said...

Any chance I could have one shipped to Europe and then to NC so I can brag about my import fixie cog?